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- Projects - Tin Cup Necklace

This project was submitted by Linda - see pictures of her work at LaLa's Jewels.

Tin Cup Necklace below done by Gail Devoid in one of Linda's Bead Retreat Classes. The necklace used a silver barrel clasp, blue jade beads, white miracle beads, blue square crystals, and silver-lined 11/0 Czech seed beads. Strung on black silk cording, Gail finished the necklace in Linda's class. Quick and easy, this necklace is fun to wear!

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This style necklace was worn in a movie call Tin Cup. It features a few beads spaced on a cord. Similar to an "Illusion Necklace," which may be strung on an invisible cord. The nice thing about this necklace is that you will not need a ton of beads to make it. If you have a few special beads, you can use those and some other beads to highlight the special ones.

  • One package of 6mm silk cord, color to complement your beads (comes with a needle on the end) - black ususally works for most beads
  • Findings for the ends (2 clamshell beadtips)
  • Cement
  • One clasp to match your bead tips
  • Spacer beads with large holes (I keep 3 bone beads that are in various lengths. Like ½" and ¾". I may use 2 sizes on one necklace, but one spacer bead will work for this project.)
  • Awl
  • Beads - This is up to you! (I use 2 sizes os semiprecious gemstone beads and I use 2mm or 3mm sterling silver or goldfilled beads.) You can also use chips or any bead you think is pretty enough. The number of beads you will need depends on the length you want to make this necklace.

Select the beads that you'd like to use and plan on a smaller bead like 2mm goldfilled beads. You can also use a nice seed bead instead of athe metal bead. In fact, it is suggested that you do not use metal beads on silk as it may fray the silk. I use the metal beads all the time and my silk has never frayed. I like the "glitter" of the metal beads. (The purpose of the small bead is that if you use a semiprecious gemstone bead, the holes are sometimes too big and the knot may slip into the bead.)

  1. Make a knot to start. (Remember, you always have to tie your knots in the same direction. This technique is very similar to tying pearls.)
  2. Put on a clamshell and slide it to the knot.
  3. Make a loose knot and slide it up to the clamshell with your awl. (I have to use my thumbnail to tighten it up.)
  4. Put on a spacer bead about ½ " to ¾" long and make a knot and slide it to the spacer bead and tighten it.
  5. Take the spacer bead off the silk.
  6. Put on a 2mm goldfilled bead and any beads that are part of the desgin you've chosen and another 2mm goldfilled bead.
  7. Make a knot and use the awl to slide the knot next to the last bead and tighten it down.
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 until you get the length desired.
  9. To finish, you will want a blank spot and then make a knot and put on your clamtip and make one more knot to fix it into place.