Bead Society of New Hampshire
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Concord, NH 03302

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- Bylaws

Section I: Name
Bead Society of New Hampshire
Section II: Mission

We are dedicated to furthering the art of beading in a noncompetitive atmosphere and we are organized for the advancement of education of our members.

Section III: Membership

Open to all individuals interested in beading.

Responsibilities of membership include payment of annual dues, acceptance of Society bylaws, and agreement to be supportive of other members and Society. Dues are due before October 1 every year, and thereafter are prorated for the year, according to the approved schedule of dues.

Membership privileges may be rescinded by a vote by 75% of the membership, if the member in question is found to be consistently unsupportive of other members and disruptive of Society business.  Member in question must have a chance to defend her/himself in open meeting.

Section IV: Meetings

Held monthly, generally on the second Sunday of the month (weather permitting).  Special events (such as a Bead Retreat or exhibit) may be held in addition to the regular meetings.

Open to all members; non-members may attend one meeting as a guest.  Exceptions may be granted by the Executive Committee.

Run according to parliamentary procedure as specified in Robert’s Rules of Order.  The Society has a copy of Robert’s Rules and this book must be present at every meeting for reference purposes.  Society generally functions using a relaxed interpretation of Robert’s Rules; however, important or contentious matters will be addressed using parliamentary procedure by the book.Led by the President.  In the President’s absence, Vice President will lead.  In the absence of the President and Vice President, another officer will lead in this order: Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary.Minutes taken by the Recording Secretary.  In the Recording Secretary’s absence, another officer or willing member will take minutes.A quorum is no fewer than 12 members, plus one of the officers.  Society business may be voted on at any meeting with a quorum as defined here and a simple majority vote.Unless otherwise specified, simple majority rules.Annual meeting is held in October and includes officer elections. Should all candidates run unopposed the new slate of officers will be installed according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Special meetings called as necessary.

Section V: Officers

President will lead meetings, work with other officers, and make sure committees and members appointed to special tasks are accomplishing their work effectively, act as group spokesperson and official representative, as well as working behind the scenes.        

Vice President will back up the president, organize committees, coordinate events (including meeting workshops), and act as a general resource person for the group and members.

Corresponding Secretary will draw up agendas under direction of the President, handle  correspondence with members and other organizations as directed by the President, maintain an alphabetized contact list of members that will be made available to the entire membership, with distribution as needed throughout the year and given to new members as they join.

Treasurer will handle and track income and payouts (including dues), maintain the Society’s checking account, keep meticulous records, report to the Society at every meeting, and accept new membership applications.

Recording Secretary will take notes at meetings and distribute minutes immediately after meetings.

These officers are elected at the October annual meeting by secret ballot.  Officers serve a term of one year.  All officers may only serve three consecutive terms.  Additional terms may be served after taking at least one year off.

Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary may only serve three consecutive terms.  Additional terms may be served after taking at least one year off.If the President resigns or cannot fulfill her / his term, the Vice President will take on duties of the President.  If any other officer resigns or cannot fulfill her / his term, the remaining officers will select a willing member of the Society to fulfill the duties until the next election.Any officer may be removed by a vote of no confidence, requiring a 75% majority of the membership.The officers will meet as necessary for a Board meeting in which the agenda will be formalized, issues discussed, etc.  The Recording Secretary will take minutes, which will be available to Society members upon request.  If the Recording Secretary is absent, another officer will take minutes.

All officers will communicate with other officers to ensure that BSNH business is accounted for and that at least one officer will be present for each meeting.

Section VI: Committees

May be formed for a specific purpose and then disbanded, or may be an established standing committee for an indeterminate amount of time.Will be organized with a chair, or chair and assistant chair.Officers may serve on and / or chair committees.Required to report at meetings.Responsible to the President.

Will meet and correspond outside of general meetings as necessary to accomplish the purpose of the committee.

Section VII: Email Discussion List

Open to members only. Non-members should be directed to the public website at Acceptable posts include: news or upcoming events, beading tips and tricks, announcements of benefits and classes, requests for help or advice, society business, almost anything else concerned with beading.  Overly competitive and consistently commercial posts are strongly discouraged. One post a month by each member with AD in the subject line is allowed.Inactive, disruptive, or spamming members will be deleted without prior notice.Co-moderated by BSNH officers.

Privacy is paramount – the members-only Yahoo group will be not listed in the Yahoo directory; the membership list will not be given, sold, or rented for any reason whatsoever.

Section VIII: Web Site

Managed by the Society webmaster (volunteer position).Includes information on the Society, meetings, membership, officers, recommended books / web sites / stores / magazines and other topics of interest to members.Limited promotion of stores and self-employed beaders is allowed.

Features photographs of members’ work on a rotating basis.

Section IX: Assets

Monies collected from dues, raffles, and other activities will be collected by the Treasurer and put into the Society account.  In the absence of the Treasurer, another officer will collect any money and send to treasurer.Monies for expenses over $200, in the aggregate for certain projects, contracts, and items, will be released by the Treasurer for approved Society business necessitated upon a 2/3 majority vote. Ordinary operating and recurring expenses under $200 will be released upon board approval.Reimbursement to members for monies expended in Society business will be done by the officers.Our assets are dedicated permanently to furthering the education and development of our members

Should the society be dissolved, these assets will be distributed for an exempt purpose, one that would advance the education of those involved with crafts and arts.

Section X: Legal Organization
The legal name is Bead Society of New Hampshire.

Section XI: Non-Discrimination

The Bead Society of New Hampshire does not discriminate with regard to membership based upon a person’s age, race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, physical disability, mental disability or sexual orientation. 

Section XII: Amendments to the Bylaws

May be requested by any member.Must be announced in two (2) separate meetings.

Requires a 2/3 (two thirds) majority vote of the membership. Vote may be taken by a written ballot, or through electronic means, as long as each member has the opportunity to vote.

Section XIII: Political Activity

The society does not, and will not allow any activities to influence legislation, nor will the society campaign for or against any political candidates as a group.

Ratified June 14, 2009